This is my report on your Executive Limitations Policy 2.5: Emergency Superintendent Succession presented in accordance with your monitoring schedule. I certify that the information contained in this report is true.

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Superintendent                                                                          Date

To protect the board from sudden loss of Superintendent services, the Superintendent shall not permit the administrative cabinet to be unprepared to take over with reasonable proficiency until a successor is found.

Interpretation: I interpret this policy to require the preparation of current personnel to manage essential Central Office functions in the advent of the loss of Superintendent services. Measures shall be enacted to ensure that, at a minimum, the legal, fiscal, executive branch (Cabinet), and human resource functions of the superintendent’s office are maintained. All other services within the Superintendent’s Office will be given less priority until a successor is found.

Rationale: The legal, fiscal, executive branch (Cabinet), and human resource functions of the OSSU are most essential to protecting the overall integrity of the school system. Specifically, legal issues, if not managed properly, will quickly jeopardize the fiscal integrity of the organization, its public image, and consume inordinate amounts of other resources such as personnel. The fiscal operations of the school system are equally important. It is paramount that the school system be able to continue its fiscal operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the most basic level, preventing deficit spending is essential in maintaining public trust in our schools. However, maintaining our fiscal operation also ensures Board Ends and the Strategic Plan will continue to be pursued.

There are two primary leadership bodies in the OSSU: the School Boards and the Administrative Cabinet. Provisions must be in place to ensure the Administrative Cabinet continues to function at a high level with the advent of an unexpected loss of the superintendent. By doing so, the general operations of the school system will continue as outlined in the Strategic Plan. Finally, maintaining an effective Human Resource function is critical in order to keep the school district focused on its Ends and desired outcomes. A depletion of services in this area will lead to inconsistencies in the treatment of staff, increased tension between the Union, Administration, and Board, the loss of valued employees, and a decline in the quality of new hires.


  1. Cabinet is fully apprised of all activities in the Office of the Superintendent. An OSSU Strategic Plan is established and renewed as necessary, yearly Cabinet goals have been established and reviewed on a quarterly basis, and Cabinet meets bi-weekly to ensure all members are knowledgeable of OSSU activities. Additionally, the Administrative Cabinet holds two strategic planning retreats: in December a mid-year review of yearly progress is completed; and in June, a year-end progress review and new year planning review are completed.
  1. The Superintendent’s Office is organized in such a manner that any member of Cabinet or the Central Office can effectively and efficiently access and garner the necessary information on all OSSU activities. For example, binders and/or electronic folders have been created for each school board, monitoring reports, and all committees such as CAR, Cabinet, the GMFC, the VSA, Professional Development, and Supervision/Evaluation etc.

The greatest challenge resides in legal issues: they are highly confidential and only the Superintendent is typically aware of the details of all cases. A file on each case is maintained and accessible to the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent. These files, in conjunction with OSSU lawyers, will enable the appropriate person to effectively manage the legal cases of the system. In addition, a “Diary” comprising of confidential correspondence is maintained. As cases arise, the Superintendent reviews the details of all legal cases with a Cabinet representative. Finally, at regularly scheduled Cabinet meetings, the Superintendent debriefs legal cases and their outcomes.

  1. Cabinet members have been selected by the Superintendent to, either lead or help coordinate, key OSSU initiatives (e.g. 6th Grade Challenge, Professional Development and Supervision/Evaluation Protocols, Curriculum, or any strategic initiative), the Report Card Committee, etc…). By doing so, the leadership capacity of the OSSU has been significantly enhanced.
  1. All files and documents have been established, maintained, and backed-up on the OSSU server and are readily accessible through the Superintendent’s computer. The Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent has been fully apprised on how to access the computer and files.
  1. The following Administrators have been assigned duties in the event this policy needs to be acted upon. Robin Pembroke (Fiscal and Human Resources), Steve Kinney (Executive Branch/Cabinet); David Barnett (Legal). Linda Lubold (Files, Contacts, Superintendent’s Computer). Additionally, the Administrative Cabinet works directly with the Superintendent to prepare and report all Monitoring Reports to the Boards.

Compliance: I report compliance.