The Orange Southwest Supervisory Union represents the towns of Braintree, Brookfield and Randolph. There are three elementary schools: one located in each town that provides pre-K through grade 6 services. Randolph Union High School serves students from grades 7 through 12, and the Randolph Technical Career Center provides technical education services for juniors and seniors from seven sending high schools.

Mind, Heart, Hand…

Education is the art of helping people know themselves, to develop the resources of judgment and skills of learning and the sense of values needed on facing a future of unpredictable change, to understand the rights and responsibilities of adults in a democratic society and to exercise the greatest possible degree of control over their own fate – Christopher Hodgkinson

The Orange Southwest Supervisory Union strives to nurture the development of our children by working collaboratively to provide an educational program which will enable all students to realize their individual potential and become contributing members of a constantly changing global society.

Students who graduate from our schools will:

  • Have a sound academic foundation
  • Communicate effectively
  • Develop solutions using critical thinking, creativity, and ethical values
  • Evaluate and manage personal progress toward goals
  • Analyze their roles and responsibilities in their family, their school and their community
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