Statement of Purpose: School employees are responsible for the appropriate handling of first aid and emergency situations as they arise during the school day and during school sponsored activities.

1. The Principal/Director shall ensure that staff representatives, in addition to the school nurse, are certified in CPR and First Aid.

2. First Aid for illness or injury will be provided to all students. First Aid supplies (including portable supplies) as well as a current First Aid reference manual, will be available in the health office.

3. All injuries occurring at school or any school sponsored event will be reported to the school nurse and the building principal or their designees.

4. For any significant injury, a written accident report shall be completed by the person providing supervision and/ or the school nurse. Accident reports will be maintained in a separate file.

5. In the absence of the school nurse or a qualified substitute, the nurse’s designee or the building principal shall be the decision maker in case of illness or injury.

6. For any significant illness or injury a parent or guardian shall be notified. Each student will have current emergency contact information on file at school.

7. In the event of serious or life threatening illness or injury, 911 will be called. When possible, emergency contact and health information should accompany the student.