Helpful Telephone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers and who to call with questions:
PrincipalPat Miller802-728-9373 EXT 102
RegistrationJenn Lacaillade802-728-9373 or 802-728-9429
TransportationWes Gibbs802-728-9276
DisciplineContact your child's teacher802-728-9373 or by email
HealthSchool Nurse (available on Mondays) Trudy DeFlorio 802-728-9373
LibraryRebecca McCullough802-728-9373
Special Education TeacherJulie Manchester802-728=9373
Special Education DirectorSteve Kinney802-728-9844 or 802-728-9908
Braintree Fax Number 802-728-5044
Orange Southwest Supervisory Union 802-5052 or 802-728-9908
Superintendent Brent Kay 802-728-5052 or 802-728-9908
OSSU Fax Number 802-728-4844
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