Meet Brian Putney

Brian PutneyBrian Putney completed RTCC’s Automotive Technology program and is now a well-respected technician at 802 Toyota in Berlin. Brian came to RTCC with a great work ethic and some very good skills and left school with a solid and rewarding career.

Brian began at 802 Toyota in a "co-op" as part of his program at RTCC. Working a few days a week, Brian moved quickly up the ladder. Phil Daley, Service Director, says Brian is "on track to become a Master Certified technician." This includes completing on-site and off-site training provided by Toyota and then completing Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) training and testing. Phil gave "kudos to RTCC" for helping to shape Brian's future and remarked about Brian's "professionalism, work ethic, focus and maturity." Daley remarked that Brian is "thoroughly competent" and that it is obvious that he "enjoys his craft."

When asked to look back and reflect on his enrollment at RTCC Brian stated, "I'm definitely glad I did it" and encouraged students currently in school to "follow what you want to do, follow your dream." Brian's story is a wonderful example of how students can "follow their dreams" and, with the help of RTCC, appreciative employers, family and their own skills and motivation, get a jump start on their careers and future training to truly get ahead!