Brookfield 3d, 4th, 5th Grades Win Big at Tunbridge Fair

Brookfield Elementary students have been busy studying and exploring autumn-related activities this fall, including the history of the Pilgrims and the building of Plimoth Plantation. Their efforts recently won them a couple of blue ribbons at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair.

“For their contribution, the fifth graders built a diorama of Plimoth Plantation as it appeared in 1627,” said teacher Peter Flaherty. “We visited the plantation at Plymouth, Mass. last spring, so the kids had first hand knowledge of what the buildings and the town looked like seven years after the first pilgrims arrived.  Their diorama won them a blue ribbon as well as the coveted green "Best In Show" ribbon!”

Amy Ferris's third and fourth graders painted thousands of seeds different colors, then used the seeds to create four seed art creations showing the seasons of a maple tree.  They also won a blue ribbon, and their entry won the Honorable Mention ribbon in the Best In Show category.  

“This year's Tunbridge Worlds Fair was a success for all,” Flaherty noted, “but especially so for the school's third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms.”



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