Chris Poulos, World Champion Bike Performer, will perform free at RUHS.

Chris Poulos, World Champion Bike Performer, will perform free at RUHS.

Chris Poulos, a former Bicycle Stunt World Champion and, since 2000, one of the most sought after youth motivational speakers in the country, will bring his message (and bicycle) to the RUHS Gymnasium on Thursday, September 1 from 6:30 to 7:30.

The opening of school event promises to be fun, exciting, and focused on Chris’s message of building character, using common sense, developing self-esteem, and looking out for others – all delivered as he performs wildly amazing stunts on his bike. This event is sponsored by Randolph, Braintree and Brookfield Schools and will be open to the public.

“This will be an entertaining fun filled evening for all,” said Pat Miller, one of the Elementary Principals. “My hope is that his performance will encourage students to create a welcoming community in their schools. We are fortunate to have arranged for Chris to come to Randolph.”

Chris, who considers himself a humble, down to earth, regular guy, says he is extremely grateful for all that he has been able to do in life, and hopes that those who hear his message come away asking some of the following questions:

How can I stand up for someone else in a safe way? Is there a situation where I should have treated someone better than I did? What should I do if someone teases me? What should I do if I see someone bullying someone else? What’s the point of doing well in school?

Chris will also perform for students at the elementary schools on September first and second.


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