In the event students fail to comply with the rules listed above, a three-step policy will be followed. However, for serious offenses, such as vandalism, fighting, smoking, insubordination, use of drugs or other serious violation the principal can go directly to step 2 or 3 of the policy.

  1. Upon receipt of a written report from the bus driver, the principal will discuss the incident with the student involved.
  2. The principal will warn the student, and notify his/her parents in writing that a second report may mean bus suspension for up to five days. Upon issuance of a second report, the student may be suspended from riding the bus for up to five days.
  3. Should a third report be issued, the principal may suspend the bus riding privilege for the remainder of the year.

Preschool and Private School Transportation Parental Agreement Form

Children attending the public preschool or a local area private school will be offered school bus transportation only if such transportation can be provided under the following conditions:

  1. Transportation can be provided using established school bus routes.
  2. Transportation can be provided with no additional cost to the district.
  3. Considering the age, behavior, and physical condition of the child, transportation can be safely provided for that child without additional, supervisory support or equipment.
  4. District students in grades kindergarten through twelve will be given priority in planning and determination of transportation needs, followed by public preschool students.
  5. Addition of public preschool or private school children to a school bus route will not cause overcrowding of the bus and will be offered and continued on a "seats available" basis only. Parents will be given a five (5) day notice if a child must be removed from a bus in order to make room for a regular school district K - 12 student. Removal will be by lottery conducted by the Transportation Supervisor.
  6. All students riding school buses, including preschool and private school students, are subject to the disciplinary policies and rules of the school district.
  7. Preschool children must be met at the bus stop by a parent or designated responsible adult. If the child is not met at the bus stop, the child will be returned to the preschool. Failure to meet a preschool child at the bus stop will result in school bus transportation being discontinued.
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