Our Students

Meet Lindsey and Casey

For RTCC graduates Casey Holtz and Lindsey Maloney, there was no doubt about what they wanted to do after their two years in the Health Careers program: they wanted to pursue a career in Nursing. Read More

Ethan Farmer rides to Victory

I love mountain biking,” Farmer said. “I love the adventure, I love breaking new ground, I love the adrenaline rush. Read More

Meet Liam Danaher

Meet Liam Danaher, a 2005 graduate of Randolph Union High School. Read More

Meet Blake Farnham

Blake knew from the time he was a young child that film and photography would play key roles in defining his career. Read More

Meet Bryn Keenhold

Bryn is a 2010 graduate of Randolph Union High School, and for the past five years has lived and traveled throughout the United States. Read about her story here. Read More

Lianna Reed Joins Peace Corps in Africa

Meet Lianna Reed, a 2010 graduate of RUHS who went on to Bryn Mawr College outside of Philadelphia, PA to earn a degree in Political Science and French, with a focus on African Studies. Lianna is now a trainee in Peace Corps Senegal for the Sustainable Agriculture program. Read More

Meet Kate Dearth

Kate is a 2006 graduate of Randolph Union High School. In addition to working full time in Human Services in the Burlington area, Kate is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work through the University of Vermont. Read More

Will Minsinger Combines a Career in Software Engineering with a Love of Learning

Meet Will Minsinger, a 2002 graduate of Randolph Union High School. Will is recently married and lives in Lebanon, NH. He works at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center as a Test Analyst in Clinical Applications on the Electronic Medical Record System. Following graduation from RUHS he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied Software Engineering. Read More

Meet Rachel Miller

Meet Rachel Miller, a 2004 graduate of Randolph Union High School. Rachel teaches at Missisquoi Valley Union MS/HS in Swanton, VT. Read More

Meet Dessa Rogers

Meet Dessa Rogers, a 1998 graduate of the Randolph Technical Career Center (RTCC) and now a Nurse Manager in the medical surgical unit at Gifford Medical Center in Randolph, VT. Read More

Meet James Sabin

Meet James Sabin, a 2005 graduate of the Diesel Tech program at the Randolph Technical Career Center. Read More

Meet Thackery Brown

Meet Thackery Brown, a 2003 graduate of Randolph Union High School and native of Brookfield. He is leaving New England and heading to California to work as a Cognitive Neuroscience researcher at Stanford University. Read More

Meet Chelsea Driscoll

Meet Chelsea Driscoll, a 2004 graduate of RTCC/RUHS. Chelsea chose a path that included RTCC's Business Management program, college courses while enrolled in high school, and a nursing degree! Read More

Meet Brian Putney

Brian Putney completed RTCC’s Automotive Technology program and is now a well-respected technician at 802 Toyota in Berlin. Brian came to RTCC with a great work ethic and some very good skills and left school with a solid and rewarding career. Read More

Meet Jamie Drysdale

Meet Jamie Drysdale, a 2001 Graduate of RUHS, resident of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and lead singer and frontman of the Random Canyon Growlers, a successful Bluegrass band he formed with fellow RUHS graduate David McMeekin. Read More

Meet Sarah Lubold

A 2006 graduate of Randolph Union High School, Sarah now lives in Kanazawa, a city of 450,000 people on the West coast of Japan where she teaches English to high school and college students. Read More

Meet Abigail Taylor

Abbey's passion for traveling, working with others, and helping to better the world, found its beginnings at RUHS. Read More

Meet Nate Soares

A 2007 graduate of Randolph Union High School, Nate now lives in Seattle, Washington and is a research fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Before settling into a career, however, Nate saw a good deal of the world and learned some amazing skills along the way. Read More

Meet Samantha Merrill

A graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, Samantha travels each spring to work with underprivileged children in Mexico. Read More

Our People

Meet Dorothy Goulet

Dorothy will be teaching French in grades seven and eight, as well as high school levels one and two. She will also oversee a grade seven Advisory group. Read More

Meet Matthew Dragon

Matt will be teaching Agricultural Technology at RTCC this coming year. Read More

Meet Isaiah Pinilla

Isaiah will be joining the faculty at RUHS this year, teaching four sections of American History and co-teaching a Restorative Justice PBL with Co-Principal Elijah Hawkes. Read More

Meet Tom Walters

Tom will be taking over the music program at RUHS this year, teaching Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band and, hopefully, initiating a music technology and composition program, as well as a guitar program. He is also looking forward to being a facilitator in Randolph's advisory program. Read More

Meet Faith Hester

Faith is joining the RUHS faculty this year and will be teaching (all things) biology: honors biology, AP biology, and life science. Read More

Meet Wayne Goulet

Wayne will be joining the faculty at Randolph Technical Career Center this year as the new Business Management instructor. Read More

Meet Abi Gershon

Abi will be working with students at the Braintree Elementary School this year as the K-6 Teacher Interventionist. Read More

Meet Heidi Schwartz

Heidi will be joining the staff at Randolph Elementary School, teaching special education in grades three and four. Read More

Meet Josh Hester-Reyes

Josh will be joining the faculty at RUHS this year as a Geometry teacher. Read More

Meet Jessica Settles

Jessica will be joining the RUHS faculty this year as the Targeted Interventions Teacher and Coordinator. Read More

Meet Athletic Director Steve Croucher

Meet Steve Croucher, Randolph Union High School’s new Athletic Director. Steve graduated graduated from Ithaca College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreational Management and a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. Read More

Meet Erica McLaughlin, The 2015 Vermont Elementary School Principal of the Year

Meet Erica McLaughlin, Principal of Randolph Elementary School and the 2015 Vermont Elementary School Principal of the Year Read More

Meet Katherine Rautenberg, Braintree's new Kindergarten Teacher

Hello everyone! My name is Kate Rautenberg (R-out-en-berg) and I will be the new kindergarten teacher at Braintree Elementary. Read More

Meet Ryan O'Malley, the new Culinary Arts instructor at RTCC

Hello, my Name is Ryan O'Malley and I am the new Culinary Arts Instructor at RTCC. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to take the reigns of a program with such a great reputation. I know I have big shoes to fill and I will do my best to fill them. Read More

Meet Emily Therrien

Emily is joining the RUHS English department this fall teaching 9th grade English and creative writing. Read More

Meet Haley Pratt

Meet Haley Pratt, the new Kindergarten teacher at Brookfield Elementary School Read More

Meet Jason Gingold, Director of the RTCC

Jason Gingold, a former Culinary Instructor at the Burlington Technical Center and former Dean of Academics at New England Culinary Institute (NECI) is the new Director at Randolph Technical Career Center. Read More

Meet Caty Sutton, Director of our New Project Based Learning Lab and Senior Project

Meet Caty Sutton. Better known (by many) as Caty Van Eyck who formerly taught English and social studies at RUHS, she returns to the OSSU and Randolph Union High School as the Director of our new Project-Based Learning (PBL) lab and Senior Project. Read More

Meet Katie Rogstad, our new 5/6 teacher at Randolph Elementary School.

Katie has lived in Vermont for most of her life. She grew up in Wallingford, Vermont with her parents and younger sister and has always had an interest in teaching. Read More

Meet Carol McNair

Carol Amico McNair has joined the middle school faculty at RUHS as the new 8th Grade Math teacher. This is Carol’s 28th year in education and she's excited to be part of a growing and forward thinking school system. Read More

Elijah Hawkes Brings New Perspective to RUHS

T. Elijah Hawkes is the co-principal of the Randolph Union High and Middle School. Now in his sixth year at RUHS, Elijah came to Vermont (or more accurately) back to Vermont from New York City, where for six years he was principal and co-founder of the James Baldwin School, a small community-minded public high school . Read More

Meet Deb Lary

Deb Lary has been teaching students about good physical and mental health – what it entails, how to pursue it, and how to maintain it – since she joined the RUHS faculty in the fall of 1999. Read More

Meet Jason Finley, the new Co-op Coordinator at RTCC

In his new role, Jason will be working to arrange both paid and non-paid work-based learning opportunities for students in the Tech Center’s various programs. Read More

Welcome to the RUHS "Learning Commons"

Learning + Knowledge = Opportunity. At least that's been the equation behind K-12 education for the past century or more. But in a world where the collected knowledge of nearly all human endeavor is often just a click away, the "learning" part of that equation has changed dramatically over the past few years. Read More

Meet RUHS Principal Dave Barnett

David Barnett is principal of the Randolph Union High School and was named "Secondary Principal of the Year" by the Vermont Principal’s Association in 2012. Read More

PAWS For Reading Program

Paws for Reading is a program that brings volunteers and their dogs into the school to listen to children read. The goal is to provide a warm, welcoming, non-threatening environment which will help children develop better fluency and comprehension. Read More

Here's What's Happening At OSSU

Brookfield School Looks to Future

The Brookfield Elementary School will be hosting a Community Future Forum on two Saturday mornings in May and June to discuss the potential ramifications – and opportunities – associated with the passage of Act 46 and the new consolidated Orange Southwest School District.

RU Educator Named 2017 VT State Champion for Education Leadership

Randolph Union High School’s Director of Career and Workforce Pathways, Ken Cadow, has been recognized by the New England Secondary School Consortium (NESSC) and the Vermont Agency of Education as the 2017 State Champion for Vermont in the areas of workforce development, personalization, and proficiency/standards-based graduation.

RUHS Students Plan Guadeloupean Exchange

As a French teacher at RUHS, Brigitte Savard has had the opportunity to take students on trips abroad every year.

Our Projects

Grade 10 Humanities Class & The Human Excellence Project

Here is a great example of the Grade 10 Humanities Class working on their research, creativity, and content area skills. Scott Sorrell, teacher, is seen here working with two students while they explore human exemplars across all occupations, throughout history, from around the world. Read More

Braintree Students Use Their Creativity and Problem Solving Skills

A group of students from the Braintree School used their creativity and problem solving skills recently to search for letterboxes at the Mari Castle. Read More


Important Notice:

The Orange Southwest School District Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it is offering the OSSD Superintendent of Schools position to Layne Millington, of Medford Massachusetts.  The Board is excited to welcome Mr. Millington to the District to join our experienced and capable administrative team.  He will be moving back to Vermont with his family to live in the area.  The Board wishes to thank Erica McLaughlin for her commitment and dedication to the district and is delighted that she is at the helm of our Elementary administrative team during this time of transition.  The Board also wishes to thank the members of the hiring committee, our administrators, staff, students and community members for their valuable input and participation in the process.

Regular School Board Meetings:

Orange Southwest School District Meeting (Unified): Monday, August 14, 2017 at Braintree Elementary School starting at 6:30 p.m.

Immunization Status Reports

Immunization rates for each school are available at:  http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/ImmSurv.aspx


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