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News & updates

Cuxhaven travelersRU Students Are Off to Germany

Students at Randolph Union High School have numerous opportunities to travel to other countries, and the latest group will be leaving in late November to visit our sister school, BBSCuxhaven - the "Berufsblidende Schulen" located on the North Sea in the coastal community of Cuxhaven, Germany.

Students and chaperones from RU travel to Cuxhaven, Germany bi-annually in order to experience German life (and high school) with host families and partnered students.

In the off years, students from Cuxhaven travel to Vermont to experience our way of life. The visiting students are hosted by local families and shadow RUHS students through a variety of classroom and extra curricular activities. 

Middle School to 8th Graders: Get LOST

Some 8th grade students were sent into the woods and riparian area behind the school recently and told to get LOST.  Luckily, RTCC teacher Matt Dragon was on hand to help themlost find their way.
LOST, a popular program started by now retired RU teacher Dean Meltzer, stands for “Learning Outdoor Survival Techniques.  This year, it’s been taken over by Ag Tech program director Matt Dragon, who led the class to the woods to teach students observational skills and basic scientific tracking methods.

“Riparian means relating to or situated on the banks of a river, “ Dragon said. “The students were using their senses of sight, smell, and hearing to observe animal signs and activity. From birds "mobbing" an animal to tracks and insect galls, there are many animals living in the forested areas of Vermont, including in the forest behind the school. We saw evidence of raccoon, deer, great blue heron, and a squirrel. Scientific tracking is using scientific methods for determining the track by it's characteristics, such as size, stride, gait, etc. “

Needless to say, LOST group found its way back in time for the bus.

ETC Theater Kicks off its 2017 Season With Two Comediesetc2

Two outrageous comedies are joining forces at Randolph Union High School this fall.  “The Fifteen Minute Hamlet” and “The Bible in 30 Minutes … or Less” were presented in “Two Shows, One Night” from October 19-21.

The unusual split bill is a reaction to an abundance of new talent.  “I had eleven walk-ons this fall,” noted director BC Rainville.  “These are great kids – who I hadn’t anticipated being a part of the theater program.  Replacing the planned production with two one-acts just made sense.”

Leading the cast of the “Fifteen Minute Hamlet” are two Seniors, Lukina Andreyev and Josh Huffman, and Junior Philip Papp.  In addition to student-directing the production, these three are Ophelia, Hamlet, and Claudius respectively.

If the play’s title seems familiar, that’s because Tom Stoppard’s reduction of Shakepeare’s masterpiece helped RU claim a state championship in 1997.  “I have great memories of that cast and crew.” noted director Rainville, “those young people introduced me to the Randolph stage.  It was a wild ride – and I quickly became aware that this was not high school theater, but theater performed in a high school.”

“The Bible in 30 Minutes … Or Less,” has a history at Randolph Union as well.  “Lauren Soares, Ben Strange, and Katie Yawney loved this script,” Rainville noted.  “They convinced me to let them perform the work – which came to us from a Christian School in the Midwest.  It’s a tour de force for young actors – and great fun to watch.”  Seniors Ethan Johnson and Amanda Rosalbo, last seen in “Peter and the Starcatcher,” are sharing the task of student directing.

Interact PBL Blood Drive a Huge Successinteract1

Members of Scott Sorrell’s Interact PBL (Project Based Learning) class organized a blood drive recently on behalf of the American Red Cross / Northern New England Region.

Good planning; good marketing; good advertising; and outstanding class participation resulted in 69 donors walking through the door, and 58 units of blood being donated. "It was an outstanding effort," said Account Manager Donna Sepkowski. "I heard it was so busy we actually had a bunch of walk-outs. Please share my thanks with everyone. You guys ROCK."

The Interact PBL encourages students to take what they know about the world and their passions, and connect it to their strengths, skills, and futures to challenge themselves to grow. The class’s mission to implement one local and one international service project each year.

Twelve Students are Inducted into the National Honor Society


Inductions for the 2017-18  Randolph Union High School National Honor Society were held on Wednesday, September 20. Twelve new members were inducted by members of the RU faculty, and will join the three returning members of NHS.

Inductees were led into the media center by Advisor Kelly Tucker, and were called up individually by various faculty, who spoke to the qualifications that earned them a place in the National Honor Society. They then received their stole, pin, and membership card. The ceremony was largely led by the newly elected officers, who lit a candle and read a passage on the importance of character, leadership, scholarship and service. The NHS pledge was led by returning member, Jocy Turinetti, after which, refreshments were enjoyed by the newly inducted members, family and friends.

Members of the 2017-18 National Honor Society are; President Belial Mazzella, Vice-President Courtney Clement, Secretary Emily Grady, Treasurer Philp Papp, Shea Fordham, Morgan Fordham, Collin Fordham, Kasie Mills, Jocy Turinetti, Rielle Brassard, Ben Osha, Liam Connolly, Andrea Conniff, Lukina Andreyev and Nina Mazzella.
7th grade scienc
Seventh Grade Science Unit on "Observation" Gets Help from a Friend

Members of Kerry Hazard's 7th grade science classes are beginning the year with a unit on scientific observation. Students are observing various aspects of and about nature, writing down questions, formulating hypotheses, and working toward conclusions.

During the second week of September, students got a little help from one of Ms. Hazard's farm friends...a fairly large sized turkey named...of course..."Tom". Tom was happy to let students get an up close look at his waddle, caruncles, snood, and feathers. The only question now is, where will Tom be in about two more months? I've got my hypothesis...

RU Cross Country off to a Fast Start

For the second year in a row, the RUHS Girls' and Boys' Cross Country teams forwent the traditional pre-season practices for a five-day, pre-season training camp.xc
With coaches Ben Weir and Simona Talos, 15 members of the combined teams traveled to Camp Sunrise in Benson, VT to focus on athletic preparation and team-building.

Once there, the runners completed a grueling schedule of workouts along with a variety of team building activities such as trivia, name that tune, a bocce tournament, and the highly-competitive water balloon toss. The week finished with a two-mile time trial that marks the culmination of summer training and the beginning of the competitive fall sports season.

The cross-country teams have grown in both size and popularity over the past few years and are now at their largest-ever size. This year’s team is projected to have approximately thirty high-school participants, along with close to a dozen middle schoolers. New athletes are always welcome to give it a shot. The team practices four-days a week and competes on most Saturdays.