Meet Caty Sutton. Better known (by many) as Caty Van Eyck who formerly taught English and social studies at RUHS, she returns to the OSSU and Randolph Union High School as the Director of our new Project-Based Learning (PBL) lab and Senior Project.

Before taking on her new role, she taught English to high school students at U-32. 

This year, the PBL program will include seven teams of teachers and students who will be working together to solve dynamic, authentic, real-world problems. The program will also include all of the RUHS seniors who will be engaged in the 2014-2015 Senior Project.

Project-Based Learning became a passion for Caty as she pursued her Master’s degree at the University of Vermont, and has been further endorsed by her several years of experience as an educator in the Vermont public school system. “Project-Based Learning allows students to access their education in an interesting and dynamic way,” she said. “Working with peers, teachers, and community experts to solve a real world, relevant problem presents a unique learning experience for everyone involved; all of the collaborative partners invested in the project enjoy the many educational benefits that flow from this significant, important work.”

Caty is thrilled to be working with the several teams of PBL groups who will be engaged in PBL work this year, as well as all of the seniors who will complete the Senior Project. “I could not have possibly invented such a wonderful opportunity. I am so excited to get to work with everyone- the students, the teachers, and the community- I can’t wait to get started!”