Meet Faith Hester

Faith is joining the RUHS faculty this year and will be teaching (all things) biology: honors biology, AP biology, and life science.

A former biology and chemistry teacher in the Phoenix, Arizona school system, Faith attended high school in Jericho, VT before earning her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Tufts University.

“I am really excited about joining the staff at RUHS,” she said, “and about its commitment to making learning meaningful for students. I’ve always thought that the knowledge, skills and lessons that students learn in the classroom need to extend beyond those four walls, and I am excited to work in a system that has such a connection to the community at large.”

“I also love to watch (and support) how students grow throughout the year as they build skills, make connections, and learn more about themselves.”

“The funny thing is,” she added, “I didn’t realize I even liked science until I got to college when I had the opportunity to work in a lab. There I contributed to research studying the impact of alcohol on aggression in mice; describing how the muscles in tobacco hornworms coordinate to walk; and comparing male and female paper wasp immune systems.”

When she’s not in the classroom, Faith enjoys rowing, picking apples, and, this coming year, starting a hive of bees.