Meet Jessica!

Jessica will be joining the RUHS faculty this year as the Targeted Interventions Teacher and Coordinator. In this role, she will be case managing 504 and EST plans, as well as teaching a Literacy Lab and running the Project Achieve program.

A native of Beverly, Massachusetts, Jessica taught ninth grade English at Enosburg Falls High School for four years before transitioning to RUHS to be closer to family. Jessica also taught Creative Writing and Journalism electives at Enosburg. Before this, Jessica worked as a para-educator at Burlington High School as well as filling other roles at various educational institutions. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Vermont in Secondary Education in English, and is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Education at Southern New Hampshire University.

“What attracted me to this school system,” she said, “was the innovation and community connection I saw here.  As someone who grew up in a fairly tight knit community, I truly enjoy the relationships teaching allows me to form with students and their families. I couldn't imagine doing anything other than teaching, and I especially love it when a student makes a break through or has that “ah ha!” moment when I'm working with them. That really fulfills my passion for teaching.”

When she’s not working with students, Jessica enjoys running long distance races (she recently completed the Vermont City Marathon), hiking, being active and outdoors, art projects, reading, movies, and spending time with friends, family, her boyfriend Scott, and her cats, Ramona and Mariposa!

Jessica is thrilled to join the OSSU and RUHS this upcoming school year and is looking forward to becoming a part of this great community.