Meet Josh Hester Reyes

Josh will be joining the faculty at RUHS this year as a Geometry teacher.

A native of Granite City, Illinois, Josh graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (for which he claims to have “tons of pride and love”), where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematical Studies. He taught for nine years in public schools throughout Arizona, and is currently working towards his Masters Degree in Education (with a Montessori focus) at Xavier University.

“I grew up about ten minutes east of St. Louis Missouri and the beautiful and magnificent Gateway Arch,” he said, “which, speaking as a geometry teacher, is an inverted catenary, not a parabola.”

“What attracted me to RUHS was the almost immediate sense I got that thinking outside of the box here is not only okay, but encouraged. I’ve always believed that public schools should - and can - be amazing places that facilitate, foster, and transform local communities, and that’s the clear message I got when I was interviewing here.”

When he’s not in the classroom, Josh enjoys playing sports, reading mystery/suspense/crime novels, watching food documentaries and stand-up comedy, and fishing of any kind. “And my teaching philosophy? That’s easy. It’s the everyday magic of good people getting together everyday to do great things.”