After graduating from RUHS, Liam enrolled at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT where he earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in Political Science and another in American Studies. He also minored in Peace and Justice, which broadly focused on global theology and philosophy as it relates to historical and modern conflict and resolution.

He is currently enrolled in the Higher Education Student Affairs Administration program at the University of Vermont pursuing a Masters of Education (M.Ed.).

“Since completing my BA at Saint Michael’s,” Danaher said, “I have been working for the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation in their Outreach department helping students and families access higher education. Over the five years I have spent in this field, I have gained a great deal of professional experience and had numerous learning opportunities, but I have also seen areas within the field of education where advanced training and graduate work would serve me well. This is part of what has inspired me to pursue a master’s degree in my own career.”

“Like many students, upon finishing my bachelor’s degree I took a personal, professional, and social inventory of my life. I went home and began working in the construction field, an endeavor I found incredibly rewarding and valuable. When the weather began to turn, like it does so well in Vermont, I decided to begin looking for jobs I found interesting. Working with students and families in education spoke to my desire to do meaningful work, my desire to help people, and my desire to use my degree. I have since found inspiration and a home in the field and look forward to finding my niche in education as I further my career.”

Danaher has many fond memories of his time at RUHS, many of them relating back to the sense of community he felt here.

“As I have grown older,” he said, “I have learned that “home” is more than a place, but rather, a feeling and people that cannot be duplicated. When I look back at my time at RUHS there were obviously the growing pains that all adolescents experience in unique ways, but I also remember a community of people who were kind, engaged and thoughtful. I remember great friends, thoughtful educators, inspiring coaches, a multitude of learning and leadership opportunities, and I remember it all fondly and with a smile on my face. In particular, I remember developing meaningful relationships with teachers, and teachers aids, and through those relationships I discovered the importance of self-advocacy, communication and initiative. I have found those skills to be tremendously important in higher education as well as in the professional workplace.”

So what does the future hold?

“My work at VSAC has been inspiring, engaging, challenging, and meaningful, and it’s given me so many opportunities. Down the road I’d like to work in a more administrative, macro-centric function, addressing the big picture from a planning capacity. The specifics of where/how/when are all fairly variable at this point, but I’m privileged to have the opportunity to write that story myself. I also like to think that I will be a lifelong learner… so there’s no telling where that might lead. I always thought Law school would be an engaging endeavor, but for now, we’ll take it one graduate program at a time.”