Meet Rachel Miller, a 2004 graduate of Randolph Union High School. Rachel teaches at Missisquoi Valley Union MS/HS in Swanton, VT.

“After I graduated from RUHS”, she said, “I attended Saint Michaels College in Colchester, VT.  I am proud to say that my academic experiences at RUHS prepared me well for college, especially in the area of expository writing.  I never thought of myself as a strong writer, but once I began writing in college, I realized how well my teachers, in all subject areas, had prepared me for the type of rigor I encountered at the college level.  I would like to thank Donna Viens and Roger Ennis especially for this, but since writing occurred in all of my subject areas, I have to say that all of my RUHS teachers had a hand in it.”  

“I think my success with writing while attending St. Mikes was a big part of my selecting secondary education and English as my college majors.  I knew when I left RUHS that I wanted to be a teacher, but I didn’t know what I wanted to teach until I attended college and took some classes to see what interested me.  I always enjoyed reading, and I always enjoyed English classes in high school, so deciding I wanted to be an English/Language Arts teacher was a natural choice.”  

"I graduated from SMC in 2008 with a job offer already in place, and began my teaching career as a ninth grade ELA teacher at Champlain Valley Union HS in Hinesburg, VT. It was a one-year position for a teacher on leave, and I then moved to teaching Middle School ELA at Missisquoi Valley Union MS/HS in Swanton, VT, which is where I am today!”

“In 2010 I decided I wanted to begin working on a masters degree, and while I really enjoy teaching, I decided I wanted to move my educational journey in a slightly different direction.  I will be graduating from Saint Michaels College in 2015 with a degree in Educational Leadership, and will be pursuing a career as a school administrator.”  

“Another way RUHS laid an important foundation in my life was through gymnastics.  Few high schools in Vermont offer gymnastics as a winter sport, and I am so grateful to Randolph for being among those few. Because of the exceptional coaching I received (thanks, Scott Sorrell!) and the passion for the sport I developed, I was able to coach and participate in gymnastics all throughout college, and was able to coach Champlain Valley Union’s team for two years and Milton Middle School’s team for three years. I was always proud to say I was a Galloping Ghost athlete, and my teammates made that experience something I will always treasure.” 

“Though I’ve mentioned several already, there are other RUHS teachers I would like to thank for their help and support throughout high school and well into college and beyond.  Thank you to Jane Drown and Deb Lary for their help and support in and out of classes.  Thanks to Scott Sorrell and Tina O’Donnell for helping me out with great resources, materials, and advice during my first year of teaching.  Thanks to Brian Rainville and Liz Kinney for helping prepare me for SMC.  Thanks to my parents as well; mom, Becky Miller, for being a great teacher when I was in school and role model for me as an educator today; and my dad, Duffy Miller, for helping me realize my role as a leader and encouraging me on my path to becoming a school administrator.” 

“I would love the opportunity to speak with any RUHS student looking into St. Michaels College or a career in education!  Thanks again, RUHS!”