Meet Tom Walters
Tom will be taking over the music program at RUHS this year, teaching Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band and, hopefully, initiating a music technology and composition program, as well as a guitar program. He is also looking forward to being a facilitator in Randolph's advisory program.
A native of Athens, Ohio, Tom moved to Berea, Kentucky when he was two. Thus, Bluegrass and Appalachian Folk music heavily influenced his early musical development. He moved to South Burlington, VT at the age of 10, and graduated from South Burlington High School.
A graduate of the University of Hartford/Hartt School of Music, Tom completed a five-year, double-major baccalaureate degree in instrumental music education and performance. Prior to joining the faculty at RUHS, he taught at Mount Mansfield Union High School, Champlain Valley, South Burlington, and Leland and Gray.
“When you’re coming into a system as a music teacher,” he said, “it's always good to inherit a high-quality program, and this is certainly the case at RUHS. When I visited the school, both in the hallways and in the music room, I sensed a positive spirit and energy. People of all ages were welcoming and obviously happy to be in the school. The students who served on the interviewing committee sealed the deal. They were great! I sensed that the school's leaders genuinely support and value the performing arts, and when I researched the overall philosophy of the school, I learned that Randolph is practicing and implementing some progressive ideas that I also believe in, including robust advisory and mentoring programs, project-based learning and community involvement. It was clear the school understands the incredible complexities of teens and, therefore, addresses the entire student and not just, say, their test scores.”
“What I enjoy about teaching,” he continued, “is helping students experience and develop joy through the process of creating beauty in all its manifestations. Because I often work with the same students year after year, I also enjoy participating in and witnessing their overall long-term development and growth. I also enjoy the fact that, invariably, I learn more from my students than they do from me.”
When he’s not in the classroom, Tom is involved in Musical Theater productions; he performs regularly on guitar and bass with the Stowe Theater Guild and Lyric Theater, and designs sound effects and sound reinforcement plans for theater productions. He is also the Assistant Director of Winter Weekends for the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont.