Staying in school is the first step to a good education. Students cannot learn if they are not in school. Absences from school for any reason (illness, vacation, religious holidays, family deaths and others) affect a student’s ability to learn and succeed. Truancy is inappropriate absence from school, which is defined as unexcused or insufficient excuse for absence. After five inappropriate absences, the procedures will be followed:


Youth has missed more than 5 days:   Youth has missed more than 10 days:   Youth is determined to be truant for 10 or more days:
School Intervention includes:
- Personal contact with Parent/Guardian
- Appropriate Support Services offered
- Follow-up letter outlining consequences for further absences and possible prosecution for truancy
- Documentation maintained by principal
- OR -
Intervention Team:
- Meets with student and parent/guardian
- Develops a plan of action to keep youth in school
- Offers appropriate services/referrals
- Continues documentation
- Notifies Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) and Truant Officer

- OR- Parent/Youth refusal to work with team

Letter of notification sent to family, with copies to (DCF) and Truant Officer
No further truancy   Follow-up as necessary with INtervention Team and implementation of action plan   Affidavit written by school administrator and sent to State's Attorney
Youth successfully remains in school   No further truancy   Petition filed with Family Court by State's Attorney
    Youth successfully remains in school   DCF investigates and case is brought to court

*Districts utilize their own interventions and contacts with students and families prior to beginning the process. This ensures that the students and families have been informed of the attendance policy. The onset of this process is left to the individual school’s discretion .

Policy 6208