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  Teacher A. Howard   B. Dingledine P. Putney      
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  J. Messier  
  H. Fernandes   S. Murawski        
  GRN Representative to VSBA A. Odato J. Merriam S. Murawski A. Odato      
  OSSU Board Voting Members A. Howard J. Merriam A. Black Cone P. Putney      
  A. Odato K. Husher J. Messier L. Rochat      
  H. Fernandes K. Forrer A. Kaplan B. Dingledine      
  RTCC Board Members       A. Odato      
        P. Putney      
        L. Rochat      
  OSSU MEETINGS:  2nd Monday of the Month -- 6:30 PM at rotating district locations  

OSSU Goals for 2013-5


  1. Establish procedures for reviewing ends information (3.4).

    Given that the Superintendent has determined his Ends indicators and will be presenting monitoring information throughout this school year:

    • The board, with consultation with the Superintendent, will set a schedule for reporting and determine the grade level for reporting. (August)
    • The board will review its first Ends monitoring report at the end of the school year (3.4). (June)
  2. Review direct inspection process.

    Given that the board has been informally doing direct inspections and that the board will be doing direct inspections in conjunction with grade profiles:

    • The board will review the current report form for adequacy.
    • The board will design a system of review or analysis of the accumulated direct inspection reports.

Governance Process

  1. Expand Board Self-Monitoring (4.1.6).

    Given that the board currently gives a short review at the end of each meeting:

    • The board will take a longer view of its work and effectiveness, not only the current meeting but over the year or several years.
    • The board will arrange for an education speaker.
  2. Increase knowledge of governance (4.1.4):
    • The board will use at least one of the Playbook exercises that were attempted this past year.
    • The board will look at other means of board training, review and improvement.
    • Board chairs will arrange for state required board chair-superintendent training.
  3. Improve recruitment of new board members and encourage board diversity
    • The board will prepare a packet to inform perspective board members.

Community Connections (4.2.1)

  1. Communicate the OSSU’s performance and achievements.

    Given that we now have our first report on Ends indicators, an informational pamphlet and a history of fiscal efficiency:

    • The board will use these results to engage the community
    • The boards will use Town Meetings to educate the community.
  2. Educate the community on educational issues.
    • The board will arrange for a community speaker.

Advocacy (4.2.5)

  1. Keep our system on our current course of progress in face of possible SU boundary changes.

    Given that the state is considering SU boundary changes, that one or more districts could be added to the OSSU and that the board wished to stay on our current course of progress and continue in our current configuration:

    • The board will do what it can to convince governing agencies of the efficiency and efficacy of our current structure an

Click here for board Annual Agenda Plan

OSSU Board Annual Report 2012-13

Review of Goals for 2012-2013:

  • Monitoring Ends and Executive Limitations
    1. Determine Ends indicators (3.4)
      • The board tasked the superintendent to determine Ends indicators by the end of the school year.
      • The Superintendent has presented an 4th and 8th grade profiles.
      • RUHS & RTCC profiles were presented in May.
      • The Superintendent presented his proposal for Ends indicators in June.
  • Governance Process
    1. Board Self-Monitoring: take a longer view, over the course of the year, not only the current meeting (4.1.6).
      • The board continued self-monitoring at board meetings. However, the board did not address the ‘longer view’ concept.
    2. Increase knowledge of governance: Based on survey input, identify 1 or 2 areas the board needs to learn more about and address (4.1.4).
      • No formal survey was taken but there has been a general discussion
      • Val Gardner observed one of our meetings and gave feedback
      • The board twice postponed a Playbook exercise.
  • Community Connections
    1. How should we be connecting with our communities (4.2.1)?
      • A sub-committee has been to review the issue
      • The committee reported to the board
      • As a result, a pamphlet has been created and a plan for distribution was discussed.
    2. How do we support the work of the RED Committee (4.1)?
      • The RED committee completed its work
      • A vote was taken in Nov. and the RED was not accepted by all communities
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