Extra-curricular activities are an essential aspect of a healthy school community. These activities enrich our lives with athletics, the arts, community service, academic pursuits, academic support, and the building of strong and lasting relationships. It is important that during our involvement in extra-curricular activities, we maintain good standing in the following areas: academic achievement, attendance, citizenship.

As long as students are in good disciplinary standing, they begin each academic year eligible for extra-curricular participation. Academic eligibility will be reviewed throughout the academic year (interims and report cards).

To be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities you must maintain:

  • Good standing in terms of citizenship and discipline: See the Extracurricular Handbook section on Rules and Standards (p1, 2).
  • Good academic standing: Passing grades in all classes.
  • Full enrollment: A course-load of at least 5 credits or enrolled in an accredited home school program.
  • Regular attendance: In order to participate in any extra-curricular activity at Randolph Union the student must be in attendance all day or have an excused absence from the administration on the day of the activity. This applies to athletics, dances, drama events, musical events, and other club or student meetings after school.

Student services will publish a listing of ineligible students for the use of the administration on the school day following the distribution of interims or report cards. If you are failing any class, you are ineligible for the remainder of the academic quarter. However, in some cases you may apply for probation (see below).

Academic Probation
Academic probation is a period of time when you pledge to bring your achievement to passing in all classes. During a period of academic probation, you will remain an active member of the team/group, and understand that you are expected to participate at practices, meetings, or rehearsals, and attend games/performances. You are expected to attend games/performances in support of your team but will not be allowed to actively participate in games or performances.

Who can apply?

  • A student who is failing 1 or more classes at interims may apply.
  • A student who is failing 1 class at the end of a quarter, may apply.
  • You may not apply if you are failing 2 or more classes at the end of a quarter.

Submission deadline: To be considered for academic probation, a student MUST complete and return the academic probation contract to the athletic director no later than three school days following the publication of the ineligibility list.

Mandatory support: Students on probation must attend daily study halls until they have regained good standing in their classes. Good standing is defined as a passing grade in the class.

Appeals: As with any grade, at any marking period, a student may meet with administration to discuss the appropriateness or accuracy of a grade.

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