POLICY: Visits to Schools

It is the intent of the board to balance the need of the public and media to be informed about school programs and activities with the privacy interests of students and the responsibility of the school to operate with a minimum of disruption. Accordingly, the principal or his or her designee shall regulate visits to the school by parents, community members and news media.

Orange Southwest Supervisory Union Warned (11/17/05) Adopted (1/19/06 )
Braintree Elementary School Warned (3/15/06) Adopted (4/11/06)
Brookfield Elementary School Warned (3/14/06) Adopted (4/11/06 )
Randolph Elementary School Adopted (8/27/1998) Revised (4/6/06 )
Randolph Union High School Warned (3/8/06) Adopted (3/12/06)
Randolph Area Vocational Center Reviewed (3/23/06)  
Legal Reference(s): Federal Family Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-380)
  34 CFR Part 99
  15 VSA Chapter 670