Randolph Grads Reap Numerous Financial Rewards

Graduates of RUHS and RTCC Collected More Than a Quarter Million in Scholarships

Students graduating from Randolph Union High School and the Randolph Technical Career Center this spring received more than just a diploma and the congratulations of family and friends during their last week of school. Many received enough scholarship and other financial aid to continue their studies at colleges and universities around the country.

“I can’t give you an exact figure,” said RUHS Co-Principal Dave Barnett, “but in scholarships alone we probably gave out more than $250,000 this year. Add in other types of financial aid such as low interest loans and grants, and that number rises to nearly half a million dollars.”

“And these are real numbers,” Barnett said. “These are real dollars helping our graduates pay for college.” 

“A lot of the credit goes to our student services department,” he said, “which works closely with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to procure this level of financial support for our students. Families who are moving to or within Vermont and who are looking for the ‘right’ school system for their kids should know that the hands-on approach we take in making college accessible – and affordable – to our graduates is second to none.”

Jason Gingold, completing his first year as Director at the Randolph Technical Career Center (RTCC), agreed.

“We had eighteen student scholarship winners who collected awards from a number of local and regional donors this spring,” he said, “and I’m talking about a lot of donors. I’ve never seen a community that is so supportive of its schools and students.  Between awards, scholarships, and donations, RTCC students earned thousands of dollars on our most recent awards night. It’s a testament to our students’ hard work, and a testament to the local community who wants to see them succeed.”

And all of this, Superintendent Brent Kay noted, is in addition to the partnership recently established with Vermont Technical College, just three miles up the road.

“Under that partnership,” Kay said, “any RUHS or RTCC graduate from Braintree, Brookfield, or Randolph who is accepted to Vermont Tech could receive a significant scholarship from us, along with matching funds of up to $2,500 from VTC. When combined with grants from VSAC and other sources of financial aid, the bottom line for many students is an extremely affordable, or potentially even free, college education.”

“What we’re working on now,” Kay added, “is the possibility of additional matching grants from local engineering and manufacturing firms. We not only want our graduates to further their education, but we’d like to them apply their skills and knowledge right here in Vermont. We are currently talking with several local companies who are considering joining us in this initiative through additional matching grants, internships, and potential job offers following graduation.”

For more information about scholarship aid and how RUHS and RTCC prepare students for college or workforce training, contact Student Services at RUHS.


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