Athletics are an important component of the RUHS experience and its athletic programs are designed to help students develop sportsmanship, school spirit, and good physical health. Because of the wide range of athletic programs offered at the school, students are provided with the opportunity to work towards excellence in several areas of athletic interest. RUHS athletes play in the Northern Vermont Athletic Conference (NVAC).
RUHS offers a variety of varsity & junior varsity level sports for boys and girls teams, as well as programs geared to students at the junior high school level. Among the programs offered are:

Fall Winter Spring
Boys Varsity & JV Soccer Boys Varsity & JV Basketball Boys Varsity & JV Baseball
Girls Varsity & JV Soccer Girls Varsity & JV Basektball Girls Varsity & JV Softball
Varsity & JV Cross Country (coed) Varsity Gymnastics (coed) Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Girls Varsity Volleyball Varsity & JV Wrestling (coed) Girls Varsity Lacrosse
Junior High Boys Soccer Indoor Track & Field (coed) Varsity Golf (coed)
Junior High Girls Soccer Bowling (coed) Varsity Track & Field (coed)
Junior High Girls & Boys Cross Country

Junior High Boys Basketball

Junior High Boys Baseball
Junior High Girls Basketball Junior High Girls Softball
Junior High Gymnastics (coed) Junior High Boys Lacrosse
Junior High Wrestling (coed) Junior High Girls Lacrosse

Junior High Track & Field

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