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Randolph Union High School
Administrative Staff
Barnett, David Co-Principal
Hawkes, Elijah Co-Principal
Cadow, Ken Director of Career and Workforce Pathways
Sutton, Catherine Director of Project Based Learning
Croucher, Steven Athletic Director
Professional Staff
Andrzejczyk, Colin SAP
Barnett, Alyssa Special Educator
Bauer, Angela English - Grade 7
Beasley, Joe Math
Brett, Wilson Special Educator
Castellano, Rebecca English - Grade 10
Chadburn, Courtney Physical Education
Connor, Jamie English
Cowden, Susannah Science
Cushing, Patricia Art
Czok, Donald M. Driver's Education
Decker, Dana Special Educator
Drown, Jane Math
Finch, Gary Math - Grade 7
Floyd, Lisa English -Grade 8
Frenette, Steven Physical Education
Goulet, Dorothy World Languages
Gray, Michael Science
Hakey, Leslie Social Studies - Grade 7
Hazard, Kerry Science - Grade 7
Hester-Reyes, Faith Science
Hester-Reyes, Josh Math
Hill-Alto, William Special Educator
Holder, Michelle Library/Media Specialist
Johnson, Nicole Special Educator
Johnson, Victoria Science
Kennedy, Brian Social Studies - Grade 8
Lary, Deborah Health
Lyford, Sadie School Nurse
McNair, Carol Math - Grade 8
Meltzer, Dean Science - Grade 8
Merrill, Kara School Counselor
Paquet, Colleen Special Educator
Pinilla, Isaiah Social Studies
Quinones, Hayley Physical Education
Radicioni, Victoria School Nurse
Savard, Brigitte World Languages
Settles, Jessica Project Achieve
Sorrell, Scott Social Studies - Grade 10
Taft, Beverly School Counselor
Talos, Simona World Languages
Therrien, Emily English - Grade 9
Walters, Tom Music
Weir, Ben Social Studies - Grade 9
West, Janet Special Educator
Wiltse, Craig Art
Support Staff
Collette, Donna Admin. Asst./Attendance
Jacobs, Lisa Secretary
Johnson, Karen Admin. Asst./Student Services
Lacaillade, Jenn Admin. Asst./Principals
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