Meet Thackery Brown

Meet Thackery BrownMeet Thackery Brown, a 2003 graduate of Randolph Union High School and native of Brookfield. He is leaving New England and heading to California to work as a Cognitive Neuroscience researcher at Stanford University.

"RUHS provided a great foundation for me to pursue my life goals – in particular, the close one-on-one relationships I had with my teachers fueled my passion for learning and teaching."

"It is difficult to know what to expect when going off to college. But in my own experience, keeping up with AP coursework at RUHS was excellent preparation for jumping into the deep end my freshman year at Boston University. My challenging science classes with Becky Miller and Doug Brukardt allowed me to place out of college biology coursework with my AP credits, and laid the groundwork for me continuing on to graduate school and earning my Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience."

"I use neuroimaging techniques to study how the brain supports memory and our ability to navigate through our world. I can clearly trace the roots of my interest in this area back to my biology and psychology classes at RUHS. This summer, I will begin work as post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University. With the experience I gain there, I will be able to pursue my long-term goal of becoming a professor at a research university."

"RUHS has helped prepare me for this career. When I am not testing scientific questions, I teach college coursework and mentor graduate students – and I wouldn't be half as good at these things (or enjoy them nearly as much) without RUHS teachers as role models. If you are interested in becoming an educator at any level, consider what it is that you appreciate about amazing teachers like Brian Rainville. Any topic can be boring if the teacher doesn't care about the material, and without individualized attention to your questions, you might be inclined to throw in the towel. This is the type of problem teachers like Brian Rainville, Becky Miller, and Doug Brukardt avoid, and their passion for helping students get the most out of class was an inspiration to me. I strive to give my students the attention that RUHS teachers gave me, and embrace the desire to keep learning that my teachers instilled in me."

"To be honest, it's a tough world out there, and I wouldn't have had the energy to pursue my degrees and keep pushing forward without the amazing RUHS drama program. In fact, I almost pursued an acting career thanks to the love of theater I developed at RUHS. Acting has given me one of the most fulfilling ways of enriching myself outside of the workplace (and Brain Rainville has continued to support my time spent acting and directing in the years since graduating from RUHS)."

"Learning to play the classical guitar for my senior project is another perfect example of how RUHS encouraged me to better myself - keeping me from falling on my face as I strive to achieve my career goals as a scientist and educator. Science research keeps the world going, and understanding the brain is critical to so many health issues - I feel fortunate to work in this field, and would be happy to talk to anyone from RUHS about careers in research."