We’re Better – Together
Braintree – Brookfield – Randolph

Working together to prepare our children for success in a rapidly changing world.

During the last legislative session, the VT House and Senate passed Act 46, requiring supervisory unions across the state to engage in governance consolidation initiatives or face penalties, loss of financial incentives, and potential State-imposed consolidation with other districts or towns.

Fortunately, we’re way ahead of the game. We’ve already consolidated many of our shared services, including transportation, purchasing, and building maintenance. Now, by voting to unify our district and create a single School Board representing all three towns, we stand to gain both financially and educationally.

Here’s how. A YES Vote for Unification:

  • Keeps the focus on student outcomes;
  • Gives students equal and ample opportunities for success as they prepare to come together at RUHS or RTCC;
  • Helps us attract and retain high quality teachers;
  • Creates better transparency of school finances;
  • Provides 4 years of property tax incentives (reductions); and
  • Avoids penalties levied by the State in the form of:
    • increased property taxes,
    • loss of small school grants, and
    • a potential forced merger with other towns/districts.

The people of Braintree, Brookfield & Randolph have been partners in education since the creation of Randolph Union High School.  Let’s continue to work together to protect our independence, support all the schools in our community and better educate our children.

To learn more, join us at one of our informational meetings scheduled for:

  • Monday, February 1st at 6pm at Randolph Union High School
  • Tuesday, February 9th at 7pm at Brookfield Elementary School
  • Wednesday, February 17th at 7 pm at Braintree Elementary

And please vote YES for unification on March 1, 2016

We’re simply better – together.

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