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Work Based Learning

Instructor: Jason Finley - View Jason Finley's profile

The purpose of “Co-op” is to give students the opportunity to use the skills learned in their technical program in an employment setting while also developing new skills working with professionals in their technical field.  Co-op offers the ultimate in hands on application of skills while gaining invaluable experience that can also help to confirm that the career choices one is considering are correct while giving prospective employers an opportunity to observe skills and work habits.

There are four types of career and work experience opportunities:

Job Shadowing - A student will spend time observing what a typical day is like for someone employed in their field of interest.  It is a chance to see what it is actually like to work in a specific job as well as to have the opportunity to ask questions about the job or profession.  Job shadowing is an excellent opportunity to determine if the perception which a student has about a career field is the same as the reality of that job.
Unpaid Internship – An opportunity for a student to spend a period of time with an employer who is willing to give the student training in a career field.  The student may assist the employer with the completion of certain tasks.  This is a good opportunity for a student to learn more about a job while also giving an employer the chance to assess the student’s potential.
Paid Work Experience – A student with the appropriate skills has the chance to earn money by working in an actual job.  An excellent opportunity to make money, enhance skills and build a resume.
Apprenticeship – Students work directly with a master in a trade in exchange for their labor, typically being paid at a rate appropriate to their skill level.

Criteria for eligibility to participate in Work Based Learning:
-Student must be in good academic standing in their technical program and companion courses.
-The availability of a suitable work experience in the community.
-The recommendation of the student’s program instructor.
-Individual need.

Work Schedules
In collaboration with the Work Based Learning coordinator, individual schedules are developed that fit the needs of both student and employer.  Work hours may be during school time or on evenings/weekends.

Co-op is a graded experience.  The evaluations performed by work site supervisors are the basis for a grade that is factored into the overall instructional program grade.

For more information, contact Jason Finley at 728-9595 extension 405.

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