Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

Welcome to Randolph Union High School
May 12, 2023

Dear RU Families,

This week represents the culmination of work that has spanned nearly a year; our seniors presented their Senior Projects today, and is tremendous cause for celebration. Their projects were as divers as they are representing arts of all kinds, studies on culture, support for others, as well as personal and physical development, several students also learned new skills which they will take with them for life! this newsletter will be largely devoted to celebrating these students and their work. We will also share important information about graduation.

There are also two videos that document student work and travel. Students in our Mindfulness and Movement PBL made a brief video about the vandalism that has occurred in our bathrooms and the impact it has had. Although we wish our students did not ned to be as thoughtful about the vandalism that has occurred and drawing attention to its impact; we do appreciate the thoughtful work they have done and the message they are trying to convey. Samantha Holmberg, made a video documenting the recent trip to Morocco. Please enjoy!

We hope that you all have time with family and time to reflect over this Memorial Day weekend on those who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as their families who bear the burden of their absence.

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Caty Sutton & Lisa Floyd, Co-Principals