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Kelsey Albandia

Departments: Teacher, Math

Kaitlin Ames

Departments: 2nd Grade

David Amidon

Departments: Teacher, Social Studies

Colin Andrzejczyk

Departments: Counselor

Cristie Arguin

Departments: Special Services Coordinator

Emma Arguin

Departments: 1st Grade

Chris Armstrong

Departments: 3/4 Grade

Betsy Baker

Departments: SLP

Michael Barnaby

Departments: Transportation

Ashley Barrow

Departments: Support Staff

James Barry

Departments: RAVEN, Leadership

Robert Bartlett

Departments: Teacher, World Language

Angela Bauer

Departments: Teacher, English

Lisa Becker

Departments: BRK Adminstrative Assistant

Holly Bee

Departments: Counselor

Daniel Bellavance

Departments: Administration, Transportation

Joseph, Jr. Bent

Departments: Maintenance

Nikolas Bent

Departments: Admin, Athletic Director

Linda Berthiaume

Departments: Interventionist

Kathy Bishop

Departments: SPED

Jennifer Blanchard

Departments: Child Nutrition

Marlene Bonnell

Departments: Transportation

John Bradley

Departments: Transportation

Laura Bradley

Departments: Teacher

Wilson Brett

Departments: Teacher, SPED

Christian Bryan

Departments: Maintenance

Hayley Buck

Departments: Teacher, Physical Education

Brian Burgess

Departments: SLP

Peter Busha

Departments: Electrical Instructor

Rebbie Carleton

Departments: Unified Arts

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