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Katy Van Houten

Departments: Support Staff

Cheryl Vincent

Departments: SLP

Katherine Vincent-Roller

Departments: Teacher, World Language

Alyssa Vlad

Departments: Support Staff

Jennifer Wellman

Departments: Teacher, SPED

Janet West

Departments: SPED, Admin

Lindsay Wheeler

Departments: Teacher, Fine Arts

Nikki White

Departments: Para

Clint Wild

Departments: Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Instructor

Shawn Wolf

Departments: Maintenance

Arleen Worley

Departments: Child Nutrition

Robert Worley

Departments: Administration, Maintenance

Lisa Wright

Departments: Support Staff

Pam Wright

Departments: Support Staff

Betty Young

Departments: Leadership, Math Coach, Math

Chancity Young

Departments: Education Services Instructor

Darlene Young

Departments: Central Office

Charlie Zani

Departments: Technology

Susan Zani

Departments: Para

Tom Zani

Departments: Teacher, Math

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