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Policies and Procedures

The Orange Southwest School District conducts its business under a number of policies and procedures related to board governance; as well as policies mandated by the United States Government and the Vermont Department of Education.

These policies and procedures are available for viewing and downloading by clicking on the appropriate link below.  The entire document can be viewed or downloaded from the documents box to the left.

To view or download the Annual FERPA Notification, Please click here: FERPA Annual Notification

Board Operations

Policy A1 - Conflict of Interest

Policy A21- Participation at Board Meetings


Policy B1 - Substitute Teachers

Policy B2 - Volunteers and Work Study Students

Policy B3 - Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace

Policy B4 - Drug & Alcohol Testing - Transportation Employees

Policy B5 - Enployee Harassment

Policy B6 - Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPAA)

Policy B7 - Tobacco Prohibition

Policy B8 - Electronic Communications between Employees and Students

Policy B27 - Public Complaints About Personnel


Policy C1 - Educational Records

Policy C2 - Student Alcohol and Drugs

Policy C3 - Transportation (School Bus)

Policy C4 - Limited English Proficiency Students

Policy C5 - Firearms, Destructive Devices and Weapons

Policy C6 - Home Study Students

Policy C7 - Student Attendance

Policy C8 - Pupil Privacy

Policy C9 - Nutrition and Wellness

Policy C10 - Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying (Policy)

Policy C10-P - Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying (Procedures)

Policy C11 - Student Freedom of Expression

Policy C12 - Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX

Policy C14 - Section 504 and ADA Grievance Protocol

Policy C29 - Equity Policy


Policy D1 - Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements

Policy D3 - Responsible Computer, Network & Internet Use

Policy D4 - Title I Comparability

Policy D5 - Animal Dissection

Policy D6 - Class Size

Policy D7 - Special Education

Policy D22 - Selection of Library Materials

Policy D23 - Selection of Instructional Materials

School/Community Relations

Policy E1 - Title I, Part A - Parental Involvement

Non-Instructional Operations

Policy F1 - Travel Reimbursement

Policy F2 - Nondiscriminatory Mascot and School Branding

Policy F3 - Fire and Emergency Preparedness

Policy F4 - Access Control and Visitor Management

Policy F29 - Flag Policy

Policy F30 - Condom Availability Policy

Federal Financial Mandates

Policy G1 - Capitalization of Assets

Policy G2 - Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Procurement

Other Important Documents